Rock Handy Burners

Rock Burners are manufactured in Japan to exacting standards for performance and quality. They are designed for use with LP Gas only and meet the needs of the serious user.

The RB-118 is a Needle Flame burner that is 15mm in diameter, weighs 36g and uses 45g/hour.

The RB-119 is a Standard Flame burner that is 17mm in diameter, weighs 44g and uses 83g/hour.

The RB-156 is a Flat Flame burner that is 54mm in diameter, weighs 106g and uses 104g/hour.


The RB-185 is a Powerful Flame burner that is 85mm in diameter, weighs 985g and uses 5,600g/hour.

The RB-300 is a Handyman type handpiece with shut off/control valve.



The RB-303 is a robust Tradesman’s type of handpiece with no valve. Ideal for use with RB-300 to give more comfort and control.



We have special neck tubes and various standard length hoses available to meet your specific needs. Please: Contact Us