SIT Multifunctional Thermostatic Controls

Over several decades the Eurosit and Minisit Multifunctional Thermostatic Controls have risen to become the market leaders in home heating, Hot Water, and commercial catering applications.

Following are some of the most common items. Please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance if you cannot see the one you want or refer to the SIT Catalogue

Eurosit Valves

Eurosits are found in a huge range of both domestic and commercial appliances, below are some of the common models found in appliances in Australia.


Part Number Temperature Range Appliance Brands/Notes
L0.630.013 8-33 °C Room Heater Rinnai
L0.630.038 13-38 °C Room Heater
L0.630.046 13-38 °C Room Heater
L0.630.151 NG Water Heater Rheem
L0.630.330 60-300 °C Hot Plate Zanussi
L0.630.336 100-340 °C Oven Many brands
L0.630.340 120-200 °C Fryer
L0.630.345 100-340 °C Oven Brass knob version
L0.630.534 13-38 °C Room Heater Bonaire
L0.630.801 13-38 °C Room Heater In-built regulator
L0.630.804 LP Hot Water Heater Rheem


Eurosit Accessories

Part Number Descriptions
LS0.073.954 Top Cover c/w Piezo
LS0.907.632 Regulator LP Gas
LS0.926.102 Top Cover c/w Piezo & Thermocouple meter
LS0.945.600 Minimum rate screw undrilled
LS0.945.616 Minimum rate screw 1.85mm
LS0.972.035 Eurosit Plug 3/8″
LS0.972.054 Maximum rate plug
LS0.972.057 Minimum rate plug
LS0.972.061 High Temp 3/8″ plug
LS0.973.044 Top Cover
LS0.997.209 Remote knob adapter disc


Minisit Valves


Part Number Temperature Range Appliance
N0.710.133 13-38 °C NG Room Heater
N0.710.134 13-38 °C LP Gas Room Heater
N0.710.646 100-340 °C Oven
N0.710.740 120-200 °C Fryer
N0.710.754 110/190 °C Angelo Po fryer
N0.710.819 40-110 °C Bain Marie


Minisit Spare Parts and Accessories


Temperature Decals











These can be applied to the knob of the correct control and allow temperature selection in degrees Celsius.

Part Number Temperature Range
0.892.010 40-100 C
0.892.011 60-200 C
0.892.012 120-200 C
0.892.013 100-340 C


Replacement Knob

Part Number Scale
NS0.916.111 0-7

Front Covers

Part Number Description
NS0.073.203 Top cover complete with piezo ignition button
NS0.073.211 Top cover c/w piezo ignition button & Thermocouple Meter
NS0.903.052 Minisit top cover only


Part Number Description
TS0.073.703 Piezo to suit genuine Minisit top cover

Ignition Lead


Part Number Description
VS0.028.398 Ignition lead to suit Minisit and standard SIT Electrode, 1m

Regulator Kits

Part Number Description
NS0.907.028 Minisit regulator kit
NS0.905.028 Minisit rear blanking plate kit
NS0.948.052 Minisit rear cover gasket

Flanged Elbows

Part Number Description
NS0.906.254 Minisit elbow and test point kit
NS0.906.270 Minisit elbow kit
NS0.906.279 Minisit elbow and p/points kit
NS0.925.034 Minisit elbow o’ring
NS0.953.302 Minisit elbow mounting screw

Replacement Diastats


Part Number Description
NS0.928.027 38°C, 1.00 m
NS0.928.102 190°C, 1.05 m button style, suit Angelo Po
NS0.928.566 200°C, 1.20 m
NS0.928.567 110°C, 1.05 m
NS0.928.569 340°C, 1.50 m
NS0.928.582 340°C, 1.50 m Stainless Steel
NS0.928.588 200°C, c/w Sealing gland for fryer


Minisit Magnet


Part Number Description
SS0.006.443 Minisit Magnet M9 x 1