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PECOFacet Oil, Gas and Water Filtration


Our customers know they can trust and rely on PECOFacet filter cartridges for their filtration needs. PECOFacet cartridge lines range from the traditional filtration products to the latest in advanced filtration media and contaminant removal processes. PECOFacet has been in the oil, gas and aviation fuel business for a very long time and understand the contamination removal business like few others do. PECOFacet and GAMECO approach filter cartridge selection by letting the contaminant dictate the method!

With over 16 years of experience representing PECOFacet products on the East Coast of Australia, and a wide range of stock on the shelf ready for immediate dispatch, GAMECO can help you find the filtration, coalescing or separation solution that is both efficient and cost effective for your process.

A Holistic Approach To Filtration

To get the most out of filtration system, it is critical to understand the process conditions and the desired outcomes. Filtration housings need to be designed to work in harmony with the filter elements, to ensure consistent flow and efficient filtration with prolonged effective element life.

A Holistic Approach To Filtration1A Holistic Approach To Filtration2


For this reason, PECOFacet engineer and build housings right here in Australia to our AS1210 Standard. PECOFacet housing and filter elements, work in harmony to ensure the most effective removal of contaminants in your process. A small amount of extra planning can save a huge amount in downtime, maintenance costs, and required HS&E processes over the life of each piece of equipment.

The GAMECO Strength

GAMECO understands how critical it is to negate or minimize both planned and unplanned process disruptions. With that in mind, GAMECO strives to ensure it meets and exceeds the needs of the customer. Here are some key points to consider

  • Filter Element Stocks – GAMECO prides itself in understanding the customer’s requirements and usage patterns, and holding and replenishing stocks accordingly
  • A Big Footprint – With warehouses and operations in Australia and New Zealand, GAMECO ably services the needs of customers throughout Australasia.
  • Experienced Personnel – GAMECO’s personnel have had many years in the energy industry in technical and leadership roles, and understand the needs of the industry and available solutions
  • PECOFacet Australia Support – With PECOFacet well represented in Australia, GAMECO enjoys the full back-up of the PECOFacet engineering, inventory, manufacturing, laboratory testing, and R&D capability

Superior Technologies and a Revolutionary Approach to Filter Coalescers

Superior Technologies and a Revolutionary Approach to Filter Coalescers

The Patented Gemini range of Vessels, resolve a huge level of risk, allowing operators to change elements while standing safely on the ground, with no requirement for confined space entry or working at heights. All this while providing one of the worlds most efficient filtration & coalescing technologies, massively extending cartridge life and lowering maintenance costs.

Click Here to watch PEACH Gemini Purasep Video

Click Here to watch PEACH Gemini Purasep Video

Please click here to download the PECOFacet General Catalogue.

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