EGO Thermostats & Over Temperature Control

Gameco stocks a wide range of EGO Thermostats and Over Temperature Thermostats.

Thermostats allow the operator to control the temperature that the appliance will maintain during normal operation, and Over Temperature (Hi-Limit) controls that act as a switch to cut out the gas supply should the appliance get too hot. These are normally found in Deep Fryers.

Gameco stocks a large range of controls from many manufacturers, the following are some of the most common items found in Australia. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

EGO thermostats and equipment are normally marked with a part number on the back of the controls. If possible please find these numbers to assist with identification.

EGO Thermostats


Part Number Temperature Range
55.17042.050 95 – 205 °C


Part Number Temperature Range
55.13034.040 60 – 200 °C
55.13042.230 95 – 205 °C
55.13062.010 50 – 320 °C


EGO Over Temperature Switch

Red button style manual reset

Part Number Cutout Temperature
55.13544.010 238 °C


Encapsulated button style manual reset. (Reset button under hex cap)

Part Number Cutout Temperature
51.63955.040 235 °C